• Price : free
  • Version : 1.0.0
  • Available : iPhone/iPod touch (iOS9)

I'd like to know the lyrics of the music I am listening to now, I want to know the chord progression!
In such a case, it is an application that can do Google search quickly and easily.

You can search various kinds of music playing with the standard music application.

* How to use

1. Listen to music with iOS standard music application
2. Launch this application while playing music that you want to know about
3. Song information being played and a list for searching are displayed
4. For example, if you want to know lyrics, tap "Lyrics"
5. The screen switches, Google search will be done with the word titled, artist name, "lyrics"

* You can not acquire information on songs played by any other standard "music" application such as "Spotify" "Google Play Music" "AWA" "LINE MUSIC"

Support : cheebow+musicsearch@gmail.com